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The story so far

In June 2014, Australia Post launched this National Conversation site as a way to engage Australian communities in a conversation about change. 

Here you can review the summaries of previous conversations we have had with the Australian community ahead of the changes to the letters service introduced in January 2016 and since then.

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Parcels and mail

• We are trialling new early- and after-hours parcel delivery services in select areas with deliveries between 7:00-9:00 in the morning and in the evening. Are these times convenient and what else could we do to get your items to you the first time around?
September 2016 (105 KB) (pdf)

• What further information would you need to see before the proposed Regular and Priority mail service starts?
December 2015 (99 KB) (pdf)

• What are your initial reactions to the introduction of a Regular and Priority mail service?
November 2015 (1032 KB) (pdf)

• Australia Post will freeze the price of stamps for eligible concession card holders at 60c, what do you think about this initiative? May 2015 (93 KB) (pdf)

• The price of a stamp does not currently cover the actual cost of delivery. How do you feel about this?
Dec 2014 (104 KB) (pdf)

• Australia Post wants to introduce a two speed mail service for all its customers. What do you think?
Sep 2014 (101 KB) (pdf)

Quick Poll 01 - Stamp prices reflecting the true cost of delivery

Quick Poll 02 - Support for changes to the letters business

Quick Poll 03 - As reforms are introduced I would most like more information on...

Quick Poll 04 - Which of the proposed changes will most impact you

Quick Poll 05 - What is your preferred way to hear about changes to our letters service?

Quick Poll 07 - Which time of day would you prefer your parcels and mail to be delivered to your home?

Post Offices

• What is it about your local Post Office that makes it an important part of your community?
December 2015 (116 KB) (pdf)

• What products and services could be available in all Australia Post outlets? Jul 2014 (82 KB) (pdf)

• What range of services do you think should be available at Australia Post outlets in rural areas?
Jul 2014 (118 KB) (pdf)

Quick Poll 06 - What makes your local Post Office an important part of your community?

Innovation and online

• In 2015 how might you use Australia Post's digital services like Digital mailbox, MyPost Deliveries and our online shop? Dec 2014 (90 KB) (pdf)

• In the future, which product or service areas should Australia Post consider investing in?
Aug 2014 (100 KB) (pdf)

• How has technology changed your life over the last 5 to 10 years? Jun 2014 (85 KB) (pdf)

The future Australia Post

• What else can Australia Post do to support and grow small business? December 2015 (112KB) (pdf)

• The National Conversation site is one year old. Have you found this website useful and how can it be improved? June 2015 (94 KB) (pdf)

• What do you think about Australia Post's community programs? June 2015 (90 KB) (pdf)

• As we change, which special interest groups should Australia Post consult and why? May 2015 (97 KB) (pdf)

• Australia Post is not funded by the taxpayer. Did you know this, and do you think it is important?
Feb 2015 (84 KB) (pdf)

• What is most important to you as Australia Post considers options to be sustainable? Why?
Dec 2014 (98 KB) (pdf)

• In the lead up to Christmas, will you be using Australia Post differently to previous years, and why?
Dec 2014 (94 KB) (pdf)

• Do you think the role of Australia Post in the community is changing? Oct 2014 (99 KB) (pdf)

• If there is one thing you would not change about Australia Post what would it be and why?
Oct 2014 (96 KB) (pdf)

• Which existing Australia Post products and services do you think we need to promote more in the community? And how? Sep 2014 (111 KB) (pdf)

• What other conversation topics or issues would you like to see discussed? Sep 2014 (100 KB) (pdf)

• What do you think about Australia Post’s latest financial results? Sep 2014 (100 KB) (pdf)

• How important is Australia Post to your business and why? Aug 2014 (100 KB) (pdf)

• The decline in letter volumes means that Australia Post may soon operate at a loss. What are your views about the consequences of this? Aug 2014 (100 KB) (pdf)

• Does Australia Post need to be profitable and why? Aug 2014 (95 KB) (pdf)

• What should Australia Post look like in 20 years' time? Jul 2014 (97 KB) (pdf)

• Which communities, or groups within communities, do you think are most important for Australia Post to consider through change, and why? Jul 2014 (103 KB) (pdf)

• As Australia Post changes to meet your needs in the future, do you have any concerns about how these changes might affect you and your community? Jun 2014 (90 KB) (pdf)

• How could Australia Post be more relevant to you in the future? Jun 2014 (86 KB) (pdf)

• The 2014 Boston Consulting Group report

Media releases

Engagement reports