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November and December are some of the busiest months of the year at Australia Post. We are taking a number of measures to ensure the festive season runs smoothly. How will these affect you and what else can we do to help you in the lead up to Christmas?

6 months ago
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Take a look at what we are doing to make parcel delivery more flexible this Christmas.

Notonasaturday 3 months ago
Not at my local Australia Post office in Sydney Metro - it isn't open on Saturdays. What about if you work full time office hours? Saturday is your only free day to go to a 'normal' AusPost Office that operates on a Saturday,I'd like to complain about my Sydney Metro local Penshurst NSW 2222 Post Office isn't open on Saturdays at all, making parcel collection for full time workers impossible. This is 2017 people, not 1917. Surrounding suburbs AusPost offices all offer Saturday, just not Penshurst NSW 2222. How can I get my parcels to be sent to another local Australia Post Office that operates on a Saturday morning? Penshurst NSW 2222 Post Office isn't open on Saturdays at all, which isn't acceptable in 2017, nor 2015 or even earlier.
The Hermit 5 months ago
I have a high degree of respect for the local Post Office staff (York St ALBANY WA). They are always friendly, greet me by name often and are very efficient. What bothers me is that most of the organisations that I deal with such as banks, utility companies etc., are now imposing fees for postal delivered statements. These fees seem higher that the cost of postage in many cases ($3.50 etc.) so to avoid them, I sign up for e-statements. Each time I do that, it is less revenue for Australia Post and ultimately less staff at our local Post OfficeMy friends are all doing the same. I believe it is the beginning of the end for Post Offices as we know them. They will simply be parcel delivery outlets and outlets for those without access to the internet to pay bills etc.