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Welcome to the Australia Post National Conversation.

Your comments over the last two years have helped shape Australia Post as we continue to evolve our products and services.

Let’s keep talking! What do we do well and what could we do better?

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Welcome to the Australia Post National Conversation.

Your comments over the last two years have helped shape Australia Post as we continue to evolve our products and services.

Let’s keep talking! What do we do well and what could we do better?

Choose your conversation topic below:

Ask us a question

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  • I do not understand why there is such a huge price jump to send an international parcel weighing up to 500 grams costs $23.72 but if it is 505grams it costs $41.18 as it is costed at up to 1kg. (USA used as an example). Paying $17.46 for an additional 5grams (which is often the weight of envelope and customs forms etc) when an additional 495grams also costs $17.46 - this seems excessive and unfair. Understandably have a set minimum cost for 500grams but why cant it then be on an increasing scale up to the 1kg. It would be more reasonable if it was graded in increments of 100grams or part thereof. fThe excessive price makes a big difference in the overall price of an article sent overseas and often whether or not a customer will purchase a product. Please could some consideration be given to making overseas pricing increments more fair and reasonable .

    kayem asked about 2 months ago

    Hi Kayem,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Our pricing does reflect the true cost of sending international parcels, though I do appreciate your concern with the pricing brackets, especially if what you're sending is only a few grams over. 

    We have these structures set up for ease of understanding (so there isn't a mass of options) as well as to ensure a fair and set service level for all our customers.


  • Are drivers equipped with a GPS so that if they do incorrectly deliver an item, it can be traced to where they delivered it, based on where they were when the delivery was recorded?

    Brendan asked 3 months ago

    Hi Brendan,

    Thanks for your question. While we do not use GPS to track Posties’ movements, we are able to trace parcels based on the final delivery location entered into the Australia Post tracking system via our scanners.

    If you are referring to a specific incident, please reach out to Customer Care for further assistance.

  • I'd like to complain about my Sydney Metro local Penshurst NSW 2222 Post Office isn't open on Saturdays at all, making parcel collection for full time workers impossible. Surrounding suburbs AusPost offices all offer Saturday, just not Penshurst NSW 2222. How can I get my parcels to be sent to another local Australia Post Office that operates on a Saturday morning? Penshurst NSW 2222 Post Office isn't open on Saturdays at all, which isn't acceptable in 2017, nor 2015 or even earlier.

    Notonasaturday asked 3 months ago

    Hi Notonasaturday,

    I can definitely understand how annoying it would be not being able to collect your parcels on the weekend.

    There are a couple of solutions for this. You can create a MyPost account and sign up for Parcel Collect. You can nominate the Post Office you wish your parcel to be sent to, and you will then receive a notification when it’s available for collection.

    Another option is to sign up for a Parcel Locker. These are available 24/7 for you to collect your parcel from. You’ll receive a collection code via email and SMS, and you’ll then have 48 hours to collect your parcel from the locker.

    You can read more information about these options by visiting our webpage here

    If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Customer Care.

  • Australia Post promotes a commitment to providing excellence in customer service and have attempted to enhance the customer experience utilizing web and smartphone technology. Unfortunately the operational areas of Australia Post cannot not meet the expectations of these improvements. The Australia Post Phone Ap provides notification when a parcel is sent and an estimated delivery date, as well as real-time tracking of the parcel. This creates an expectation in a customers mind they will receive the parcel on or before that date and that Australia post knows where the parcel is at all times. Unfortunately this is not true, i can not recall the last time Australia Post delivered on or before the due date. The tracking shows my parcel at depots for up to 8 days. I have even experienced parcels shown as being in Granville NSW at the same time as finding a note on my door telling me they tried to deliver the parcel and I wasn't home. The provision of information is great. but when the information is either misleading as to Australia Post's capabilities or problems in Australia Posts logistical areas stop them from being able to deliver on those expectations, it creates customer dissatisfaction. The customer service expectation gap caused by these failures means Australia Post is not achieving the intent of providing excellent customer service. I have attempted to raise my concern but the people at Australia Post's National Call Centre and those who respond to the online web forms do not appear to share the vision of excellent customer service that the management of Australia Post keep promoting

    mikereindl asked 4 months ago

    Hi mikereindl,

    I’m sorry to hear of your level of dissatisfaction at the notifications you have received that then did not occur as predicted.

    Our Day Before Notifications is a new email notification being introduced to advise customers the day before their article is due. Now that we have improved the estimated delivery times by recalculating the estimated delivery date (EDD) after a manifested parcel reaches a sorting facility, we can more accurately predict when a customer’s parcel is going to arrive.

    Unfortunately there will be instances where we have provided a Day Before Notification, but the article does not arrive the following business day. In these instances, we will send a follow-up email notification to apologise for the delay and advise that the article is still on the way.

    We value your feedback as it can help us to continue to develop and improve our service in order to meet our customers’ expectations. Our Customer Care team will pass your feedback directly to our MyPost team.

  • Why cannot I get a plastic bag for postage to overseas countries? I only send books and clothing, nothing breakable, and the stiff cardboard ones are difficult to fill. Thanks. Anne

    annebc asked 9 months ago

    Hi Anne,

    We definitely offer international prepaid satchels. Have a look at our International delivery options to find the option that best suits you.

  • I wonder why now, when I purchase online, a lot of companies refuse to send to a post office box. It's so frustrating because what is a post office box /address for but to receive mail! Especially when I don't live in an area with a mail delivery service so I need a post office service.

    country living asked 9 months ago

    Thank you for your question.

    We appreciate your frustration that some companies do not accept a PO Box address. This is something that is determined by the company sending the item not by Australia Post. However, we are undertaking an awareness campaign with merchants to encourage them to allow sending to Post Office Boxes.

    We appreciate your patience as we work with business to rectify this problem.

  • Why are stamps not listed under this National Conversation??

    Tony Martin asked 9 months ago

    Hi Tony,

    Thank you for your question. We believe stamps could fall under any of the four conversation categories, depending on the topic. For example, a comment about buying stamps might go under Post Offices or a comment about stamp prices would go under Parcels and mail. Alternatively, if you are interested in collecting stamps, we would put this under The future Australia Post.

    If you would like information about our range of stamp products available to purchase or for collecting, please visit the online shop or our collectibles website.

    Please let us know if you have any particular issues regarding stamps that you would like us to address in a conversation.

  • Dear Australia Post, Thank you for your email. We appreciate your great service to the nation. Just a question about some local LPOs. In some areas where public transport connections are limited, the post office branches may not offer services as comprehensively as many large branches do. Paradoxically, more affiliated services, such as Passport photos, social security forms and license renewals, are necessities for the neighborhoods. How could we improve our services in those issues? Thank you very much. Enjoy spring. Cheers, Dr Gang (Henry) Wu

    Dr Gang (Henry) Wu asked 9 months ago

    Hi Henry,

    Thank you for your question.

    You raise a great point. It is a challenge to find the right level of service suited to each community and there are many factors, including the type of organisation for which we are providing the speciality services, demand from the community and their access to other services in the area. This is a challenge we take very seriously and we continually monitor and review our network of outlets.

    If you require a specific transaction in your area, we encourage you to reach out to our Customer Care team or visit If you can’t find the service in your area, please let us know.

    We wish you a sunny Spring as well.

  • I would like to be able to purchase packets of ten or twenty stamps at supermarkets where I do my grocery shopping. Could Australia Post please give consideration to this marketing idea. Supermarkets are open at more convenient times than Post Offices and posting boxes are always ready to receive letters. Unfortunately, the opportunity to purchase stamps is limited.

    Mac29 asked 9 months ago

    Hi Mac29,

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to sell stamps in supermarkets, because they are considered legal currency. They are, therefore, only available via our Post Office network or via our online shop at

    However, we do understand the difficulty for some customers to get to a Post Office during the week, which is why there are no delivery charges when you buy stamps online and the majority of our Post Offices are also now open on Saturdays. Many of our Post Offices are also run in conjunction with other businesses and trade extended hours.

    We encourage you to keep an eye on the various conversations on this website and contribute any more ideas you have about how Australia Post can move forward.

  • I wonder if I could let the 'community' know the particulars of my recent attempts at mail redirection? On Friday 5th August, 2016 I applied online for a mail redirection, $107.90 for one year. Unfortunately the amount of $107.90 was debited twice on my credit card once at 9:06 am and a second time at 9:10 am, after I received an "ORACLE" error message the first time and I resubmitted the payment again. I received a message from Aust. Post Customer Care (ref no.06420002) to allow 2-4 weeks for a reversal to appear in my Credit Card Account. So far as at 10:00am Tuesday 13th September 2016 no reversal has appeared. On Friday 2nd September, 2016 I asked Customer Care if they could update me with a date when I could expect a refund (ref no. 07016612) and so far I have had no response from them- today is the 13th September, 2016 is this normal?

    bmalouf1 asked 9 months ago

    Hi Bmaloouf1,

    I’m really sorry for the hassle caused with this issue taking so long to be rectified. You definitely should have received these funds back considering the time frame that’s passed.

    I have followed up on this further for you with our Postbillpay team, and we will be in touch with you via your case once we obtain further information for you.

    If you have any other questions, please reach out to Customer Care.

  • What are Australia Posts core values?

    Matta asked 10 months ago

    Hi Matta,

    Thank you for your question. Australia Post sees its purpose as “Helping our people, customers, and communities build a better future. Everyone, everywhere, everyday”. In order to achieve this purpose, we strive to foster the following core values: being safe everywhere - there’s nothing more important than our safety, health and wellbeing; respecting everyone - we care about people and value diversity; helping each other - we’re at our best when we work together;  improving everyday - a better tomorrow starts with the changes we make today; and delighting our customers – a great customer experience creates a better future.

    More information about the changing role of Australia Post can be found in Our Statement of Corporate Intent.